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Call for Proposals

The Solomon Lew Center for Consumer Behavior at Tel Aviv University was established in 2020 to promote consumer behavior research and teaching, with a special emphasis on consumer welfare. The center’s guiding principle is an interdisciplinary approach and integration of diverse research methods. Thus, the center aims to encourage, facilitate and support collaborations between researchers from different academic fields, such as behavioral economics, consumer behavior, data analytics, and judgment and decision-making. We cast a wide net and wish to advance research on individual consumers and groups of consumers (for example, but not limited to, online and offline purchase decisions, content consumption, contribution to and consumption of public goods, and household’s financial decisions).

The center invites faculty members from the Coller School of Management to submit proposals for research papers in the broad area of consumer behavior and welfare, including research on consumer information-processing and decision-making, the effects of firm practices and government policies on consumers’ welfare, and any other topic related to consumers in the marketplace.

The proposed research should include original work that has not been published elsewhere (but could be a work in progress). The proposal should be written in English, not exceed 10 double-spaced pages in length, and include the following:

  1. Research title.

  2. Names of researchers and email addresses.

  3. Abstract (up to 250 words)

  4. Description of the research topic.

  5. Description of the research method.

  6. Expected contribution given the existing knowledge.

  7. Detailed budget request.

  8. Bibliography.

  9. Detailed planned schedule (should be no more than 12 months; The researcher is expected to submit a working paper afterward).

  10. The proposal should note other funding sources. If additional funding sources are obtained during the research period, the researchers will notify the center’s director, who will then hold the right to decrease or cancel the approved budget.

Research proposals will be reviewed by the Center’s scientific committee and, if selected, will be granted up to a maximum total amount of 30,000 NIS. The total amount will be paid in two installments: 50% at the beginning of work and 50% after the submission of the working paper is approved. Researchers will present their completed research in a specially dedicated symposium held by the Solomon Lew Center. The center will post the working paper on its website.


The deadline for submission is June 16, 2024.

Please email your proposals to

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